For Parents Of 0-4 Year Olds

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With this course you will start your multilingual journey
on the right foot!

"Ute’s workshop on Raising children with multiple languages is brilliant! Ute shares research findings in a very understandable way. We designed our own Family Language Plan 3 years ago and Ute helps us adjust it when needed. I regularly attend Ute’s Free Online Meetings on Multilingualism and enjoy the contact and exchange with other parents!"

After completion of the course you:

Hi, I’m Ute, the owner of Ute’s International Lounge and founder of this Academy.

I am multilingual since a very early age and I speak, read and write Italian, German, French, English and Dutch fluently, and Spanish (A2 level; working on it), as well as some Italian and German dialects, and Old-French and Old-Provencal – I am currently learning Korean.
I grew up across cultures and with multiple languages, am a linguist and intercultural communication expert with a PhD in Romance Philology, and I taught Italian Historical Linguistics at the University of Zurich.
As Language Consultant for multilingual families I have helped hundreds of families maintain their home languages and cultures when living abroad, whilst embracing new ones. 

My wish for you is to enjoy being a parent of a multilingual child, to embrace the chance of embarking on this multilingual and multicultural journey, and, first and foremost, to have fun transmitting your language(s) and maintaining them with confidence and pride!

"I attended Ute’s workshop Raising children with multiple languages when my first son was not even born. She helped us decide about how to combine all our languages (we speak 6 between me and my partner), considering that we moved internationally twice in the past 4 years. Our sons are now 6 and 2, and we speak 3 languages at home. They understand English and Dutch – and we are preparing them to the next move and are introducing German to them. Ute’s expertise about TCKs is very helpful for us too!

"In this course you will learn so many fascinating things about your child’s development, how to better assist him/her, understand what’s expected and normal, and what to do depending on the different situations. The very first years are crucial, and it’s paramount for us as parents to invest in understanding what we do, why, and how we can help our children to set solid foundations for their future. Above all, you will realize that you’re not alone, there is a way, and there are tools and knowledgeable, kind people along the way to support us." (you can read the entire review on MaltaMum.com)

what You Will Get Inside this course!


To read more about the lessons, fill in the blanks and find out how to make the single steps work for you.


Will help you assess and mark what you have learned and practiced.


16 videos guide you through the Workbook and help you complete the single steps, make decisions and find out what else you need.

Monthly meetings

Free access to monthly online meetings where you can ask your questions and meet other participants.

"I took Ute’s course for parents of multilingual children years ago and some of her workshops later. I learn always something new and her suggestions are always spot on! She has a lot of experience and is up to date with latest scientific findings. "

Course Modules

Enter Well

Find out how to start on the right foot. Discover how your languages are perceived and supported in your family and society.


Know what to expect and how to best prepare for the different phases. Learn about the most important aspects related to raising children with multiple languages.


Find like-minded people that supports you and define your own multilingual village.


Focus on the pre- and early literacy stages of your multilingual children!


Assess what you have achieved so far and determine the next language goals of your multilingual family!

Are you ready to
raising your children with multiple languages?