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Ute’s International Lounge Academy is a platform that offers high-quality online courses for internationals, as well as webinars on

Raising Children Abroadwith multiple languages and cultures (for parents and caregivers of 0-4, 4-10, 10-15+ year old children)

Embracing International Childhood (for parents who raise their children across cultures and languages)

 Maintaining Multiple Languages Across the Lifespan (this is for adults who wish to keep their languages “alive” whilst living abroad, internationally)

Effective Intercultural Communication (in the family | in the community | at work)

The online courses are at your convenience and consist of workbooks and videos, as well as additional useful resources, catering for all learning styles while remaining affordable.

The online courses are self paced, which means that participants have to make sure to complete their courses themselves. 

The webinars are interactive (via zoom) and designed for small groups (max. 30 participants).

The topics and dates for the webinars are published on this site and on Ute’s social media platforms.

What participants say about Ute's courses and webinars
Anna B.
Mother of 3 and entrepreneur
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I keep on learning Ute's webinar on Raising children with multiple languages is brilliant! Ute shares research findings in a very understandable way. We designed our own Family Language Plan 3 years ago and Ute helps us adjust it when needed. I regularly attend Ute's Free Online Meetings on Multilingualism and enjoy the contact and exchange with other parents!
Carla R.
Web Designer and mother of 2
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Excellent Webinar! I attended Ute's webinar Raising children with multiple languages when my first son was not even born. She helped us decide about how to combine all our languages (we speak 6 between me and my partner), considering that we moved internationally twice in the past 4 years. Our sons are now 6 and 2, and we speak 3 languages at home. They understand English and Dutch – and we are preparing them to the next move and are introducing German to them. Ute's expertise about TCKs is very helpful for us too!
Elisavet A.
Mother of 2, author of children's books
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E.N.J.O.Y. Raising Children with Multiple Languages for parents of 0 to 4 year old children is Ute's very first online, self-paced course for parents, with more to follow. Now that I have attended it, I can honestly say that I would recommend it to ALL parents who are just about to start their journey of raising bilingual children. Not only that, but it should be referred to as a “must-attend course” alongside the other pre-natal courses we attend as parents, and information to be handed out in leaflets at hospitals/doctor’s offices, etc depending on what’s available in each country during those early pregnancy visits. My first kid was born in a country with a multilingual population/two official languages and courses like this one would have been of tremendous value to new parents.
Yoshito D.-S.
Father of 2, teacher, writer
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E.N.J.O.Y. Raising Children with Multiple Languages for parents of 0 to 4 year old children If you are raising a child who is 4 y.o or under with more than one language, I highly recommend this course. (...) I was blown away by the amount of knowledge and help packed in this course. Please note: I have not been asked to write any review or anything. I went through the course to test mainly the accessibility of everything offered and felt compelled to share it with everyone. If you know Ute, I don't need to tell you how knowledgeable and helpful she is. And her course is a perfect reflection of it. It is very well designed and provides A TON of information in a practical way. I personally understand things better when people talk to me (rather than reading), so if are like me, you will appreciate the videos that accompany the course. Another detail that I think is going to make the learning experience very smooth and help get the most value out of each lesson is the accompanying editable pdf booklet. It helps us process the lessons by applying them to our own circumstances while watching to videos. It is also packed with various links to different resources (research articles, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.). So whenever you might want a little more details about a certain point or topic, you can get it with a simple click. So if you are thinking of raising multilingual children, or have children aged 0-4, definitely have a look at Ute's course!
Jim D.R.
CEO and father of 2
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Fantastic course! I had the chance to be one of the beta-provers of Ute's online course and can only recommend it. It's easy to follow. My wife and I worked on the assignments together and met Ute at a free meeting to discuss details. We'll definitely attend her monthly meetings to "keep on track".
Elisabeth B.
Owner of a Marketing Agency and mother of 2
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I highly recommend Ute's Courses! I took Ute's course for parents of multilingual children years ago and some of her webinars later. I learn always something new and her suggestions are always spot on! She has a lot of experience and is up to date with latest scientific findings. 
Roberto A.
Assistant Professor
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I recommend Ute's webinar about Intercultural Communication I found Ute's webinar about Intercultural Communication very helpful! Especially the part about gestures and techniques to avoid misunderstandings helped me to better understand how many different ways there are to use English at work.  
Qin B.
Engineer and mother of two
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I enjoyed Ute's Course! I followed Ute's course on raising multilingual children successfully in 2019. We just moved to the Netherlands and didn't know how our children would adjust to the different languages in the community. We found a few strategies that worked for us and both our children are doing very well at school. Ute's insights about what to consider when moving frequently were particularly helpful as we are going to move internationally in 2 years.

Courses and Webinars



All courses take place online and you can follow them at your convenience – they consist in short videos, pdf files, workbooks, infographics, checklists etc. for you to complete at your own pace.



The webinars are free and take place online at specific dates and times


In my Online Support Group “Multilingual Families” we meet once per month to discuss aspects of raising children with multiple languages, transmitting our language(s) to our children whilst living abroad (and across cultures) and maintaining our languages across the life span.

We share our doubts, concerns and our experience and success moments!

We meet online every last Thursday of the month at 19:00 CET.

You are welcome to join us by filling in this form.

You will receive an email with the zoom link closer to the date.