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Welcome to E.N.J.O.Y. Raising Children with Multiple Languages for parents of 0 to 4 year old children

How to navigate through this course:


This is a self paced course, which means that you determine when and how fast you go through the different modules.

To complete the course, please follow the 16 lessons in the 5 Modules (Enter Well, Navigate, Join, Organize, Yes).

Each lesson consists of a video, a short description, and  pages to read and complete in the Workbook

Please keep the Workbook at hand while you go through the course, as you will be asked to read parts of it and complete tasks, answer questions etc. before proceeding.

You can download the Workbook and fill in the parts on your device, and click on the links to access further information. You can also print it out if you wish*.

To share your questions and experience with other parents and me, please join the private facebook group, where I also share the dates and times of our monthly meetings that you are always welcome to attend.

Kind regards,

* Please re-read the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy if necessary.

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