Raising children with multiple languages – parents of 0-4 year olds

This course is for parents of 0-4 year olds

This course consists of a Workbook  and 16 videos to watch at your convenience, checklists, links to resources and more.

As participant of this course, you get free access to monthly online meetings where you can ask your questions and meet other participants.

In this course you:

  • learn how to choose and combine the languages you want to transmit to your children
  • decide what language strategy/strategies work for your family
  • find out how to find your “multilingual village” that supports you and your family with all your languages (and cultures)
  • learn some important terms related with the topic
  • gain insights into the developmental stages of 0-4 year old children (from pre-verbal to verbal)
  • learn about how to respond to some myths around raising children with multiple languages
  • learn about effective communication in multilingual families and between parents and children
  • find out what kind of “communicator” you are, and what kind of “communicator” your children are and what their communication style is
  • learn about the importance of reading and storytelling for early literacy skills
  • and more…

After completion of the course you will be more confident in raising your children with multiple languages.

You will have taken some important decisions and set some short– and longterm goals, and you will know how to optimize the communication with your baby and toddler in all your languages, and support your little one’s pre-literacy skills!

Raising children with multiple languages is a marathon. It can seem simple, but is not easy.

With this course you will start on the right foot on your multilingual journey!



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