Raising children with multiple languages – parents of 4-10 year olds

  • This course is for parents of 4-10 year old children who already use 2 or more languages to some extent on a regular basis.

It consists of a Workbook, videos and audio files to complete, watch and listen to at your own convenience.


In this course you:

  • learn how to adjust the language strategies if necessary
  • re-define your “multilingual village” that supports you and your family with all your languages (and cultures) throughout your children’s first years at preschool and school
  • gain insights into the language developmental stages of 4-10 year old children
  • learn about how to maintain your home languages when your children attend preschool and school in an additional language
  • learn about language preferences among multilingual siblings
  • discover how to help your child communicate effectively
  • find out how and what skills in one language can be transferred to the other one
  • learn how to foster literacy in all your languages
  • learn about what effect being multilingual has on your children’s identity and sense of belonging
  • and more…

Furthermore, you get 

  • free access to a private facebook group and to
  • live meetings with me, where you can ask questions and meet other participants.

After completion of the course you will be more confident in supporting your children’s multilingualism.

Raising children with multiple languages is a marathon.

It can seem simple, but it is not easy. 

But we can make it an exciting and enriching experience for us and our children!


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    1. Thank you for checking in. My apologies, it’s taking a bit longer than planned, but I hope it will be ready for the end of the year. If you send me an email I’m happy to offer you a discount. (academyuil@gmail.com) Thank you for your patience. ~ Ute

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